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My Collections FAQ

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What is the collections system?

The collections system allows you to track your progress in completing a certain collection of items. Upon completing a collection, you will be rewarded with the corresponding reward.

How are collections categorized?

Collections are categorized by theme. Certain themes, such as Warrior, are too large to fit under one badge and are divided into multiple collections. 

How do I track my progress?

You can track your badge progress here. Click on a badge icon to see your item progress.

When is my progress updated?

Your collection progress will automatically be updated after you place an order. If you have not placed an order since the release of the badge system, the overview might be outdated.

What happens when I complete a collection?

When you complete a collection, we will get notified and send you the corresponding reward. It will usually be shipped along with your latest order. In some cases, you will receive the reward separately.


What rewards are offered for completing a collection?

Rewards for completing a collection are displayed on the progress page. Click on a badge Icon to see the reward of that particular collection.

How will I receive the rewards?

Depending on the reward, it will usually shipped along with your collection-completing order. However, in some cases the reward will be shipped separately

Some collections do not show any reward, is that correct?

That is correct. Not every collection is finished. As soon as a reward is visible, the collection will remain unchanged. But if there is no reward visible yet, other items can be added. 

Are there any limitations or restrictions on earning rewards?

Each reward can be obtained once.

Will products that are not part of a collection, never be part of a collection?

Products can be added to new collections a while after their release date, when there a enough similar items to form a collection.

Can I get the rewards of multiple collections simultaneously?

Yes, each item will count towards the completion of the corresponding collection. If your order completes multiple collections, multiple rewards will be sent.

Can I purchase individual items from a collection, or must I buy the entire collection at once?

You can purchase all items separately and in multiple orders. It is not required to buy the full collection in one order.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions or concerns about the collections system?

If you notice items missing from your collections page, please reach out to us

I have ordered Capiche from other places, will it count towards my badge progress?

Not automatically, please contact us with your order details (Items, order number, website, date and if possible a screenshot of the order). Since this has to be done manually, it may take some time for us to process the data.

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