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The beginning of Capiche

You've made it to the first blog of Capiche! We wanted to tell you a little bit about our story, why we created Capiche and how it all started.

The moment I will never forget

Maybe you can still remember the moment you got your first cap... I sure do! I got my first snapback for my birthday and I will never forget that moment. I will tell you why.

As a man with longer hair there were days

when I didn't want to do my hair, because I can think of better things than doing my hair. I thought it was a waste of time.

The moment I got my first cap, that problem was gone forever. Since then it has made my life much easier. I didn't have to think for a second about my hair and how I look when I don't feel like doing my hair. I put on my favorite cap and I'm ready to go. There is no better way to start the day!

Turning point

In the beginning I wore snapbacks that everyone wore and later snapbacks with a logo from a basketball or rugby team to try to distinguish myself from others. But that wasn't enough for me. It wasn't special enough. I wanted something more edgy, outstanding and different than others. I wanted something so dope that everyone would turn their heads. That is when I created Capiche.

Creating Capiche

After years of searching for epic and unique snapbacks I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to make them instead. Together with my girlfriend Claire we make a great team for the development and designing of the caps and we make our crazy ideas come to life in an epic way.


If you take a look at our cap collection you can see the ideas that came to life since the beginning of Capiche. For the future we do have a lot more crazy ideas we want to share with you. We would love to take you on the journey with us, so if you want to get on our crazy ride follow us on Instagram @capichecaps.

​Change your life

Just as my life changed from the moment I got my first cap, your life will never be the same from the moment you get your first Capiche cap. Spoil yourself with a cap that will make your life easier while looking great and everyone will turn their heads!

Founder of Capiche - Angelo

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