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We want to thank you for all your support.

Did you know we launched 10 new snapbacks and 8 new swimsuits so far?! How crazy is that!!

And it is all thanks to you guys that we are able to expand with so many new products!

We love to see all your positive responses to the new products and we are getting more orders than ever!! We can't explain in words how much that means to us🙌

We're so grateful that we get the opportunity to expand our collection in such a fast pace. We now have 71 snapbacks, 13 curved caps, 2 trucker caps, 3 5-panel caps, 5 underwear, 5 biker masks and 8 new swimsuits. So enough for you to choose from! But if you still miss something in our collection, you can always contact us and tell us your awesome ideas!

So thanks from the bottoms of our hearts for all your support and let's keep going with the positive energy, then we will continue to throw new launches at you this year💥💥💥

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