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Capiche is made in a time of need for caps with edgy designs that tell a story. We were fed up with basic caps. Life's just too short to wear boring caps! Capiche is there for everyone who want to tell their story through their own style.


Every cap tells a different story and has a different feeling. Choose whenever design you're most compelled to and dare to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Stand out, be different and feel great about yourself. That's what Capiche is all about.

Capiche is founded in 2019 by Angelo. Because of a problem he faced with only having boring and basic snapbacks on the market, he decided he wanted to change that. For everyone who lives life to the fullest and can appreciate sick and dark art.


Everyone is epic in their own way and has their own story to tell. That's the thing Capiche highlights in your life. Capiche makes you feel unique, epic and different in a good way. We want you to tell your story through our caps.


It's not just a cap, it's a feeling and a story that you can tell.

Experience this epic feeling yourself

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