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Our story - From being unable to find a cool cap, to making thousands people happy

As a snapback lover myself, I was desperately searching for a snapback that would fit 100% with how I wanted to look and express with my own style. The snapbacks at the time were all the same, had not a comfortable fit, no fun outstanding designs, no art, nothing was out of the box, nothing new, very boring, very dull. Exactly the opposite I was looking for. I couldn’t find a snapback that would fit my desire to stand out and the need to be different than the rest. I wanted to find a snapback that would be my outlet, that would differentiate me and that would fit my style 100%.


In 2019 I was fed up with the boring snapbacks on the headwear market. I took matters into my own hands and I decided to take a shot and make my own snapback that actually would fit all my wishes. So I started the process of making my first own snapback ever. I made sure it would fit great so I added an adjustable strap, I added unique art on the bottom in fun colors, so it wasn’t boring anymore and I added a fun front logo. And so the first cap was born. I could finally have a cap in my hands that incorporated all my wishes, exactly the way I wanted it.


I got positive reactions on the snapback I made that I wanted to try and sell the snapback, because I saw that there were many more snapback lover like me who faced the same problems.


After the cap was sold out in no time, it felt like my duty to fill this gap in the headwear market. I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew I could make many snapback lovers happy with something fresh and new on the market. So I began making other snapbacks and that’s actually the start of Capiche.


The reason I started Capiche is the same reason why we want snapback lovers happy nowadays. We want you to have an outlet for your unique style, to stand out, to express yourself, to feel great and to differentiate you from the rest while you’re wearing the most comfortable cap you’ve ever experienced. And on top of that have the best experience with the best possible service and the unique feeling you get when your cap arrives at your home.


Because we’re a team of only 2 people, we can help you on a personal level, we want to give you the best experience with our personal service. We treat you like you’re one of our friends and you’re part of the team. We genuinely want the best for you and want to make you happy through all the passion and love we put into Capiche.


Life is simply too short to wear boring caps! It’s not just a cap, it’s a whole lot more than that. Every cap has a different story and a different feeling. Choose the cap you're most compelled to and dare to step out of your comfort zone. Stand out, be different and feel great about yourself! That's what Capiche is all about.

Experience this epic feeling yourself

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