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A trucker cap is a curved baseball cap but the back is mesh material. The trucker cap is an airy hat and perfect if you want to feel like there's nothing on your head. Just like a curved cap it will give you a tighter look. With the adjustable strap you can adjust the trucker cap easily. You can wear the trucker cap forwards or backwards. Trucker Hats Trucker hats are popular for all occasions - from sports events and community gatherings to outdoor events and holidays. Capiche is your premium source for unique trucker hats with special designs, from a black mesh backside to a bright neon green mesh back side. Our trucker hats come in a variety of solid and two-tone colors, and different designs such as metallic and camo with unbeatable quality. Colored Trucker Hats Explore our collection of truckers to find colors, styles and designs that fit your needs, and get your order shipped quickly, with care and free (thresholds apply). Capiche trucker caps complete your outfit and style. Pick a color matching to your clothing, or a complete different color to make your hat the stand-out piece of your outfit. High quality Our trucker hats emphasize premium quality and durability. There is no longer a need to keep buying the same hat because the old one has been worn-out. With these caps, the only reason you are coming back is because these crazy designs are exactly what you’re looking for! Keeping it clean All of the trucker hats at Capiche can be easily cleaned and keep their shape when air dried after walking outside in the rain. So besides style, they are a great choice for function too. Rain, wind, or sunshine, there is no reason to leave your trucker hats at home. Great collection Whether you want embroidery in red, green, blue or another color. There is something for you inside the collections like the Cursed Collection, the ancient Greek collection, limited editions, collaborations and many more. What To Consider When Buying Trucker Hats When buying special trucker hats, do you look for excellent comfort and the most outstanding designs? At Capiche, we think that you should deserve both! There’s no need to give up quality or comfort. Explore our collection of trucker caps in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. In addition to trucker hats, we offer a vast selection of baseball caps and snapbacks as well!   Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions Q. What are trucker hats, and why are they called trucker hats? Trucker hats are a stylish variant of baseball caps featuring a mesh back panel and broader front panels. The term "trucker cap" originated in the early 1970s when it was initially used as a promotional accessory. Initially associated with truck drivers, the name stuck. Nowadays, black, as well as colored trucker hats have become popular among fashion enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Q. Are trucker hats suitable for personalization? Trucker hats are among the most sought-after hat styles for customization. Their elevated front panel provides a sizable canvas for your unique designs. Q. How can I purchase trucker hats from Capiche? If you're wondering where to buy wholesale trucker hats online, Capiche is the ideal destination for you. Simply explore our hat collection, choose your preferred color and style, place your order, and our team will handle the rest. Q. What sets trucker hats apart from other hat styles? Trucker hats stand out from other hat styles due to three distinctive features: 1.Mesh Back Panel: Unlike regular baseball caps, trucker hats feature a breathable polyester mesh back panel, making them an excellent choice for summer wear. 2.Elevated Front Panel: Wholesale trucker hats typically come with an elevated front panel, giving them a high profile that easily stands out in a crowd. 3.Adjustable Snapback Closures: Trucker caps include an adjustable snapback closure for easy fitting, allowing you to secure the cap tightly during physical activities. Q. What are the different types of trucker hats available? In our trucker caps collection, you'll find various styles to choose from, including: 1.Neon Trucker Cap: The most common variant with a 6-panel crown, featuring a pentagram embroidered front panel that stands up straight. 2.White Trucker Caps: Resembling traditional baseball caps, these 6-panel trucker caps have a mesh back panel.